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Who we are

Surrey Brass was founded in August 2001 by John Goodwin and aims to develop the fine tradition of ensemble brass performance originated by the internationally famous Philip Jones Brass Ensemble, by widening the audience for brass ensemble music, enlarging the repertoire, and providing enjoyment for everyone.  Our talented musicians include the best semi-professional players in Surrey, UK. We are particularly keen on encouraging young brass players and every year perform at least one concert involving them - hopefully some will join us in future. 

What we do

Surrey Brass aims to promote the Arts in all its forms and is keen to form new performing relationships with local Arts organisations, composers and arrangers in the county of Surrey. We publish sheet music of our own and other peoples’ arrangements for brass ensemble on our website to help widen the performance of this music. 

Surrey Brass is versatile, being able to perform as a Quintet, Dectet, or larger ensemble. We often feature our own players as soloists, and frequently collaborate with other organisations and performers.

We also aim to perform at least one Charity concert every year and have raised many thousands of pounds for various causes including Age Concern, Tsunami relief, help to the Third World, Barnardo's, Amnesty International, and fundraising for a new Village Hall in Elstead, Surrey. Please contact us if we might help your fundraiser, we would be delighted to hear from you.

What we play

Surrey Brass plays a wide, innovative and entertaining repertoire to a high standard, incorporating fresh influences from diverse musical sources including Classical, Jazz, Film, and World Music. 

Whenever we can find sponsorship, we commission new music. We began this innovation effort at our very first concert in 2002, with a Golden Jubilee Fanfares competition, which was won by John Hughes with Golden Jubilee Fanfare (No.1) - John Hughes which Surrey Brass still perform regularly. 

Other commissions include:

We are grateful for the support of the RC Sherriff Trust for the majority of these commissions. If you are interested in collaborating in a musical project please get in touch.

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Please Support Us!

Most unusually for musical organisations of our type, Surrey Brass is entirely self-funded. Please Support Surrey Brass.

We rely on income from concerts, but this alone is not enough to enable us to grow and put on more concerts to a wide audience.

You can help us raise funds by clicking on the Easyfundraising links at the bottom of our pages whenever you shop online.

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 Thank you for all your support - we really need it!